High quality, profiles make Jewzz a great place for single Jews. Here’s how we do it.

Safety Center

|Profile Quality Guidelines

We use manual and automated checks to help keep you safe on Jewzz. We verify thousands of profiles every day and take member reports seriously.

Top Tips

Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t lie about who you are, it’ll only come back to bite you. Your perfect partner is on Jewzz, help them find the REAL you faster by being truthful. Jewzz is a strictly no catfish zone!

Be awesome

Your profile allows you to show off your best self. Share what makes you unique by adding photos, videos and voice. Just keep things kosher!

Selfie Verification

We keep our members safe by verifying every single account. Everyone needs to take a selfie when they register, but we never share this photo to others.

Selfie Verification is compulsory. The photo should clearly show your face and be well-lit. We do manual and automatic checks to make sure only authentic people join Jewzz, if there’s any doubt we’ll ask you to resubmit.

Photos and Videos

Your photos and videos are how you make a great first impression

. Choose wisely. We recommend asking family and friends to help you pick your best shots.

Any images and videos must meet the following criteria:

They must match your Selfie VerificationYour face must be clearly showing and not covered by sunglasses

They should be appropriate for our halal community

About Me

This is your chance to get deeper and talk about what makes you unique. The best profiles usually have the following info:

What you do Where you’re from What your interests are What you’re looking for in a partner

Keep yourself safe and DO NOT include external links, social accounts or phone numbers.

Interests and Personality Traits

Are you a movie nerd? Maybe volunteering is important to you? Adding Interest and Personality Traits to your profile helps you quickly connect with members who share your passions.

You can add up to 10 Interests and 5 Personality Traits.

Tap here to see how Interest and Personality Traits can help you find your perfect Jewish partner.


Adding Icebreakers to your profile gives your matches something more to say on their first message than just “Hey”. You can quickly find out important things like their views on marriage, what they do for fun, or what ever else

Pick from up to 3 Icebreaker questions and answer them yourself by text or voice. Your matches can either send a normal chat or answer your chosen Icebreakers.

Location Verification

We make sure the people you’re talking to are where they say they are by using GPS, carrier information and IP addresses.

If there’s a discrepancy your profile might get rejected.